We primarily use “responsive settling” as a basis for our sleep programs, and can tailor this method to suit your family. This method has been shown over many years to be safe and effective.However  we have a flexible approach and also offer other methods such as “camping out”.


We do not use the “extinction” method of leaving your baby to cry alone for extended periods of time. Our programs support your baby as they are learning how to self-settle. A certain amount of crying is expected as your baby adjusts to change, however most crying occurs during the first week or so. Over the course of the first month of treatment, the total amount of crying is expected to be less than that of an unsettled baby. 


a baby fills a place in your heart you never knew was empty

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The first appointment will be 45 minutes long. This allows time for a thorough assessment of mother, baby and family dynamics, which is essential to identify any medical problems which may be underlying your baby’s sleep issues or unsettled behaviour.


You will leave The Happy Baby Clinic with information regarding an age appropriate routine, basic settling techniques, and a sleep diary to complete. You will also be given any necessary referrals for investigations or specialist reviews.


The second and subsequent appointments will be 30 minutes, to assess progress, discuss results of investigations, and provide a plan to follow at home. Occasionally, if the family and the Baby Sleep Consultant agree it is needed, an inpatient stay at a sleep school may be the first step, with subsequent follow-up at The Happy Baby Clinic. 

Newborn Support

Having a new baby is an amazing, but also challenging time. The first three months are often the hardest. The sleep deprivation, combined with the sudden responsibility of caring for a tiny human 24 hours a day, can sometimes be overwhelming. If you feel that you are struggling, or would simply like some clarification or general advice, book in for an initial appointment with your baby. Our general practitioner can provide a newborn check, followed by relevant advice regarding sleep, feeding, settling, or any specific concerns you may have. 

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