We know that sifting through the wealth of conflicting information that is available regarding infant sleep can be extremely confusing and anxiety-provoking. It is difficult to know what to do when nearly every book, relative, and well-meaning friend is giving you different advice. At The Happy Baby Clinic we believe that parents know best, and you must trust your own instincts as to the best way to look after your baby. Below we have provided links to reputable, evidence-based scientific articles that explain the research behind our techniques, and how effective they are. We have also listed some of our favourite books for parents and parents-to-be. 

  • Controlled Comforting & Camping Out

    This web page presents a summary of a study performed by Dr Harriet Hiscock and Dr Jordana Bayer, in Melbourne. The study looked at whether simple behaviour strategies – controlled comforting and camping out – would be effective in reducing both sleep problems in babies and symptoms of depression in mothers.Also see the references at the bottom of the page for up to date research in the field. 

  • Behavioural sleep intervention (sleep training), does its have any negative long-term effects. 

    A study specifically looking at whether or not behavioural sleep intervention (sleep training) has any negative long-term effects. 

    AMH Price, M Wake, OC Ukoumunne, H Hiscock (2012): Five-year follow-up of harms and benefits of behavioral infant sleep intervention: randomized trial. Pediatrics 130 (4), 643-651, 2012

  • Intuitive Parenting and Infant Behaviour Management

    An excellent summary of the two main schools of thought regarding infant settling – Intuitive Parenting and Infant Behaviour Management.  A very detailed article, with extensive references to current research. It would be useful to pick out and read the sections relevant to you and your family. 

    Fisher J, Rowe H, Hiscock H, Jordan B, Bayer J, Colahan A, Amery V (2011): Understanding and Responding to Unsettled Infant Behaviour: A Discussion Paper for the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY).

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