Temporary Fees For TeleHealth During The Covid 19 Pandemic

As At 1st October 2020


From the 1st October 2020, you will be charged a private fee for which you can receive a medicare rebate for your Telehealth appointment if:

- Your baby is under 12 months old
- You have seen one of our doctors face-to-face within the last 12                    months

- You are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent



Otherwise the upfront fee will apply, as below:

New Patient Fee:         $275 (60 Minute Consultation) 

                                        Medicare rebate$110.50 available 

Review:                          $105 (20 to 40 Minute Consultation)                                                                                                         Medicare rebate of $75.05 available if baby  less than 12 months or other                                                                              specific criteria met

First Appointment (45Min)

(Out of pocket cost $146.25 after Medicare rebates for Parent & Baby)


Subsequent Appointments (30 Min)

(Out of pocket cost $88.30 after Medicare rebate for Parent & Baby)


Mental Health Care Plan (20 Min)

Booked as a separate appointment

(Out of pocket cost $59.70 after Medicare rebate)


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