Face To Face & Telehealth Appointments

We offer appointments in person, as well as follow-up appointments by Telehealth. Your first appointment, we strongly encourage you to see us face-to-face in the clinic, unless you live too far away. This allows us to examine and measure your baby and will also mean that you are eligible for telehealth medicare rebates until March 2021, if you might need this option in the future.

Due to the federal government’s medicare rules, you will need to meet one of the following criteria to be able to claim a medicare rebate for your telehealth appointment:


  • Your baby is under 12 months old

  • You have seen one of our doctors face-to-face within the last 12 months

  • You are currently homeless

  • Your movements are restricted due to Covid-19 (i.e. currently quarantined)

Cancellation Policy

A $50 fee will be charged for appointments cancelled within 24 hours notice.


Upfront Fee

Medicare Rebate

Out Of Pocket Cost

Initial Consult

(60 mins)

Subsequent Appointments

(30 mins)

Medical Appointments

(15 mins)

Mental Health Care Plan

(30 mins)













Please note, these out of pocket costs apply when both mother and baby are seen.


If only mother or baby are present, your medicare rebate will be less, and higher out of pocket fees apply.