General Practitioner


The first appointment will be 60 minutes long. This allows time for a thorough assessment of mother, baby and family dynamics, which is essential to identify any medical problems which may be underlying your baby’s sleep issues or unsettled behaviour.


You will leave The Happy Baby Clinic with information regarding an age appropriate routine, basic settling techniques, and a sleep diary to complete. You will also be given any necessary referrals for investigations or specialist reviews.


The second and subsequent appointments will be 30 minutes, to assess progress, discuss results of investigations, and provide a plan to follow at home. Occasionally, if the family and the Baby Sleep Consultant agree it is needed, an inpatient stay at a sleep school may be the first step, with subsequent follow-up at The Happy Baby Clinic. 


Having a new baby is an amazing, but also challenging time. The first three months are often the hardest. The sleep deprivation, combined with the sudden responsibility of caring for a tiny human 24 hours a day, can sometimes be overwhelming.


If you feel that you are struggling, or would simply like some clarification or general advice, book in for an initial appointment with your baby. Our general practitioner can provide a newborn check, followed by relevant advice regarding sleep, feeding, settling, or any specific concerns you may have. 

Home Visits

First we will meet with you for our initial assessment with one of our doctors, then we will provide you with practical advice, an age-appropriate routine, and any medical investigations or management that may be required to help settle your baby and improve their sleep.

Once you have seen one of our caring doctors at The Happy Baby Clinic and have a plan in place, our sleep & settling nurse can visit your home to assist with the practicality of settling. 

Home visits include a follow up call a week later and email contact ability for up to 3 weeks.  

Travel Time: Includes travel up to 20km radius from The Happy Baby Clinic after which $1.00 per kilometre applies.

Rescheduling: Your payment secures your booking. However, we do understand that unexpected events occur. Bookings can be postponed once and must be rebooked within 30 days of original booking.


Cancellations: We require a minimum of 48 hours’ notice for all cancellations, of which you will receive a full refund. In the event you cancel your appointment less than 48 hours prior to your appointment, 50% of your fee will be retained as non-refundable deposit.

We also offer.....

‘The Gift of Sleep’ Masterclass

Our masterclass provides information and education around routines, sleep and settling and practical tips to help prepare/adjust t0 parenthood. We welcome all parents including parents to be and new parents, to join.


The masterclass by Rebecca Jacobs will focus on: 

  • The importance of sleep 

  • Age-appropriate routines 

  • What a routine is and the benefits

  • Sleep environment 

  • Responsive settling technique 


Our ‘Gift of Sleep’ masterclass is well integrated with our approach at the clinic and is supported by our general practitioners. We feel it is important to give the information and tools to be able to implement realistic strategies at home. These tools prepare parents-to-be by reducing stress and developing ideas and strategies to incorporate for when you baby arrives.

Our class is given by Rebecca, our clinic nurse. Rebecca is extremely passionate about educating, empowering and supporting new parents. 

Our classes run monthly and on demand, subject to availability and bookings.

Please register your interest for available dates and times. 

The class runs for 2 hours and includes a break. They will run online using zoom due to the uncertainty of lockdowns


If you would like a private or tailored class for you and your friends or mothers’ groups, please contact us for more information. 

Book Snoo Smart Sleeper

The Happy Baby Clinic is now hiring out the SNOO Smart Baby Sleeper Created by celebrated

paediatrician Dr.Harvey Karp (Happiest Baby on the Block)​. 


SNOO is the world’s smartest and safest baby bed! From birth to 6months


Included with the SNOO:  

  • 3  Snoo swaddles to use (small​​​​,​​​​ medium and large)

  • 1 Snoo Mattress Protector

  • 2 Snoo Bassinet Sheets 


Newborn Behavioral Observation (NBO) Appointment


The Newborn Behavioral Observation is an opportunity for parents to get to know your baby's communication style, likes and dislikes. 


We use a set of tools and skills together with parents, to discover your baby’s signs, movements and responses, getting to know their personalities and what they are trying to say to us.


The NBO is helpful for babies from birth till 3 months. 


Each session is individual as we will be guided by the baby but it will typically cover:


●     Capacity to habituate to light and sound (sleep protection)
●     Motor tone and activity level
●     Capacity for self-regulation (including crying and consoling)
●     Response to stress (infant’s threshold for stimulation)
●     Visual, auditory, and social-interactive capacities.


Observing these behaviours will show the baby’s strengths and identify the kind of support the baby needs. The observations can provide individualised guidance to offer parents in assisting with understanding baby behaviour.